A complex site calls for a more comprehensive package that provides database support and application development platforms (e.g. ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Java EE, Perl/Plack, PHP or Ruby on Rails). These facilities allow customers to write or install scripts for applications like forums and content management.

Also, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is typically used for websites that wish to keep the data transmitted more secure.

We do not Believe in any Competition except providing best of best services that a common man can also easily access web technology to grow their business online as a biggest marketing tool ever in the history of marketing.
1. Secured and Up-Running
2. Easy Hosting Process
3. Reasonable Pricing
4. Low maintenance Charges

Static Page Hosting
* Terms and Conditions for this Service *
1) Domain Should Purchased by EACH PROMO
2) Website Designed by EACH PROMO
3) Limited Disk Space
4) Limited Bandwidth
5) One Email Id
*Then Only Hosting is Free for First Year.

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Economic Hosting
Best Plan
* Economic Hosting Services / year*
1) 5GB Disk Space
2) Limited Bandwidth
3) 3 Email Id's
4) 6 Months Business Promotion
5) All together 1500/-

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