In this world every human being, everything, that exist has been created with a definite purpose, and has its beginning and the end. Everyone plays an important role with various attributes, competencies, and uniqueness through which they perform various tasks as per the obligations, to fulfill their needs and wants to accomplish desired goals and objectives.

As we know that, “Business is the process of making, buying, selling, and supplying goods, services or both for consumers to get customer satisfaction and of course profits.” It requires understanding the principles of business, how and in what manner it operates, and how it influences our economic, social & political climates which are very important in business for future existence. The nature of the business consists of various fields through which it operates. They are marketing, finance, human resource, production & operation, and research & development, international business, developing various business strategies, tools and techniques, knowledge management and much more.

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Every business has certain risk factors which can be reduced through optimum utilization of all resources to get more and more benefits, as saying goes that “No risk no gain.” So every enterprise or business organization must have to put a scanner on business environment globally to find out the business opportunities to fulfill the requirements. In today’s business world it can be done easily due to globalization, privatization and liberalization which makes possible through technological inventions, innovations (business intelligence), transfer of technology as per its usage and advancement, and risk analysis to get success and become a market leader to capture whole market share.